Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blue Pointe Bistro

Today's featured client spotlight is a personal favorite of ours, Blue Pointe Bistro. We love the small Italian bistro presence in our Weymouth neighborhood. The food is great, too!

This client came to us with their logo, "Blue Point Bistro" inside of their trademarked blue-white box. We hand-digitized their logo for a left front chest custom embroidery, and threw in free hat to see how the logo would look on that, as well.

The logo was hand traced using our state of the art embroidery software. Then there is the thread order when running the embroidered shirts themselves to consider: we stiched the white block first, then the blue block, outline and lettering, and then finished the whole design off with the white lettering. Since the client's font is so unique, we had to trace each individual letter - except in the exciting case when we could simply copy and paste a letter "E" :)

The last request of this job was to incorporate this graphic of an aqua and royal blue flame somewhere on the black shirt. We made the flames in two sizes, and embroidered one right beneath the back collar on one shirt, then on the right sleeve on the other. We dropped off the samples to the client, and are awaiting on a decision for the final order!

This is just one of the many client project that exemplifies our embroidery services capabilities at Dock This Way. Let us know what you think!

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