Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Embroidery Shop

Here at Dock This Way Embroidery and Design, we operate out of our family home. This assures personal, one-on-one attention to each job and quick turnaround time for embroidery services and silkscreen tshirts or other clothing.

So we'd figure that we would give you a quick peek at our workspace! We have one large ten needle machine, a Melco (And looking to invest in one more, potentially a tabletop Amaya). This is great for designs with a ton of color changes. Some embroidery machines are one - needle: which is a pain because you need to stop the machine when a different color thread comes through, run the new thread through the machine and the needle, and start it again. Yeah. Time-consuming.

We have all different sized hoops to accommodate different design sizes, from embroidered gloves to scarves and regular tshirt logos. We also have a great selection of threads available, and if we can't match the exact color you are looking for, we can order the perfect color in less than 3 days!

We keep our threads according to color and protected from light and damage in plastic bins - it's important to keep the threads wrapped up and to not bang them around: if you do, they'll become weak and be likely to break while running a design.

I actually snapped a shot while the machine was running. We got an order for a custom sail wallet, and I'm embroidering a piece of sail canvas with a green number. I then sew the pieces together to create a very customized gift :)

Got a logo idea? Just want to try us out? Contact us and let us know what we can do for you!

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