Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yacht Club Custom Embroidery

I thought I would do a client spotlight on one of our oldest and most loyal clients, The South Shore Yacht Club. This is where we keep our boat, where we can be seen sporting nearly every weekend, or when a summer day becomes too unbearable :)

Yacht Clubs typically have a flag that symbolizes their clubs. Members sport this flag, or burgee, on their boats, and it represents loyal membership wherever it waves - it can also be honored in a ceremony at the beginning of the boating season - in our case, Opening Day, which is close to Memorial Day and involves a cake at the end.

We designed this wavy burgee for South Shore Yacht Club merchandise. We also have a simple triangle flag, which we use for club officers like the Commodore's hats and polo shirts. The great thing about embroidered shirts or sweatshirts from your Yacht Club is that you can easily customize any garment with your own boat logo and boat name. For example, we had a customer recently who owns a motorboat named "Bon Bini", and we selected his exact boat type from the hundreds available in our Dakota designs. Then we matched the font on the back of his boat and embroidered light jean jackets and sweatshirts for him to sport on those cool Massachusetts summer nights.

Does your yacht club or similar organization have a custom embroidery design to show pride for your membership when you wear it? Or do you just have a favorite jacket that seems a little too plain? No job too small - let us design your logo and we know that you'll love your result, and probably want much more than one! Hope to hear from you soon :)

(Stay tuned - Related to boats and Yacht Clubs, my husband also does custom marine canvas upholstery work.)

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